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Yesterday’s back and bicep workout; Fat-head picture.

Wednesday, July 2, 2003 by  
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My arms and back are killing me this morning from yesterday’s workout. My back workout was pretty standard: dumbbell rows (which I love) and back extensions. For my biceps, I did five sets of barbell curls, five sets of concentration curls and five sets of hammer curls. As most of you already know from reading my workout and training page, I do 12/10/8/6/6 reps for each exercise, increasing the weight with each successive set. I know my training page says I only do two exercises per muscle group, but sometimes I go ahead and do three, especially if I think extra work is needed in that area.

Did you see the new fat-head before/after picture I posted yesterday? I sure was puffy, pale and unhealthy looking (an accurate reflection of how I felt). I’m so glad I got off my ass and started working out, eating right and taking care of myself. I’d look and feel even worse by now if I hadn’t. Looking at pictures of myself from back then sure keeps me motivated…

Well, I’ve procrastinated enough this morning. It’s time to go kill my abs. I’ve got 200 crunches and 23 minutes of HIIT on the bike lined up for this morning’s workout. Make sure to get your workout in! See ya tomorrow….

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