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California Pizza Kitchen; Bulking progress.

Saturday, July 5, 2003 by  
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I sure enjoyed my evening last night. I’m not trying to tempt those of you who are currently on fat loss programs, but California Pizza Kitchen makes the best frozen pizzas I’ve ever had. Last night I had one of their newer varieties: “Garlic and Chicken”. It was incredible, but I would never eat one of them while on a fat loss program. One of their individually-sized chicken and garlic pizzas packs an amazing 36 grams of fat, 18 of it saturated. It also has almost 100 carbs, and these are not “good” carbs – sugar is high on the list of ingredients. It’s also pretty high in sodium and, combined with the 2 glasses of wine I drank, it’s no wonder that I feel pretty bloated this morning. That’s why I only have one cheat meal per week, and it’s also why I didn’t have any cheat meals at all for the 5 months that I was on a fat loss diet.

My bulking phase is going well. My body fat percentage is still at 8%, and my weight has gone up at least 2 or 3 solid pounds! Today I’m working my pecs, delts and triceps. If today’s workout is anywhere close to as good as Thursday’s leg workout, I’m going to be very happy. I feel a little cloudy-headed this morning, probably from the wine last night (which I’m not used to anymore), but I also have lots of energy (probably from the 100 carbs in the pizza). 🙂 I’m finished with my protein shake, so I’m going to go get started. I hope you all have a great day – I’ll see ya tomorrow.

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