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New grilled chicken recipe; Heart rate monitors.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003 by  
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I prepared a new grilled lemon and herb chicken dish last night that came out great! Check out the recipe – it’s simple, but a real winner.

Yesterday I did a 50 minute aerobic-level cardio session instead of my usual HIIT cardio. I was aiming to average 152 beats per minute (80% of my maximum heart rate), but I wound up averaging 154 BPM. By the way, I use a Polar “A1” heart monitor, which is one of the most basic models available. I looked at the fancy models, but they all seemed to have a bunch of useless bells and whistles that I didn’t need and would never use. The Polar “A1” does everything I want, which isn’t much: tell me my heart rate while I’m working out, and tell me what my average heart rate was when I’m done working out. Everything else is superfluous.

No cardio for me today, though. Today I’m working my biceps and back in the weight room. I’m feeling great this morning and I can tell I’m going to have a productive, high-energy workout. Time to crank up the music and get started. See you tomorrow.

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