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New power rack and bench are here; Home gym pics.

Thursday, September 4, 2003 by  
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As I mentioned yesterday in my late update, Old Dominion dropped the ball yet again. They promised that my shipment would be delivered yesterday, but yesterday afternoon when I called to find out why it was not here yet, they said that it would not be delivered until Thursday (…pfft, yeah right). The guy told me that I could come pick it up if I wanted, so I did. The packaging was an absolute mess. It’s a wonder that nothing was seriously damaged. As you can see in the above picture, there was a bit of cosmetic damage to a few parts, but they can be replaced without too much hassle. A big thumbs up to Powertec for making such excellent equipment, another big thumbs up goes out to Home Gym Warehouse for their friendly service, low prices and quick shipment, and a big middle finger to Old Dominion Freight for shipping my stuff across the country three times before figuring out it was supposed to go to Florida, failing to live up to several promises and damaging the product in the process.

If you didn’t see the old/new home gym pictures I posted yesterday, here they are!

I’m almost always excited about my workout, but today I’m even more anxious to get started than usual. It’s leg day, and I can finally go heavy on my squats and lift to failure! I also want to check out the leg lift and leg curl attachments. I’m going to go get started, see you tomorrow.

4:20 PM UPDATE: I took all new shots of the gym and equipment today at lunch and re-designed the home gym page.

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