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Day of rest; Soreness; New ab workout.

Sunday, September 7, 2003 by  
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It feels so weird sitting here knowing that I’m not working out today. I want to do some cardio, but I know I must cut back on it while I bulk. Besides, my muscles need a rest! My legs are still sore from Thursday’s brutal workout, and my abs are so sore from Friday’s ab workout that I literally can’t flex my abs without wincing. In the past my abs have always recovered in 1 day, so for them to be this sore 2 days after I worked them makes me very happy. I always though I got a great workout from standard crunches and reverse crunches, but I can now tell you from experience that those exercises are not nearly as effective as what I’m doing now (weighted decline crunches/decline reverse crunches/lying leg raises/hanging leg lifts). Yes, the new gym equipment is going to make all the difference in my progress this fall and winter, I can tell already.

It was hard eating all that food yesterday, and I do feel a little bloated this morning. I guess it’s a combination of the extra food and the creatine. I honestly think the hardest part of this phase is going to be accepting the extra body fat I’m going to pick up, and having a less cut physique for a while. I’ve got to get past worrying about that, somehow…

I may update the site later today with some new features if I have time. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day!

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