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More on MAX-OT; Muscle toning myths.

Sunday, September 14, 2003 by  
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Yesterday was my first day training my pecs, delts and triceps using MAX-OT. I had the best workout of my life! I think the big difference is that I’m no longer pre-exhausting my muscles before I do the really heavy sets. With my old pyramid training routine, by the time I got to the single heavy set, my muscles were already tired from the pre-exhaust. After the one heavy set, then I’d do a set of 12 (with no rest) using a lighter weight. I guess that’s ok if your goal is to increase your muscle stamina, but it doesn’t do much to build mass. Now I’m doing 3 sets of 6 per exercise using very challenging weights (after several warm-up sets, of course). For example, yesterday this was my chest workout:

 BARBELL BENCH PRESS  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - - 12 x warm up weight 10 x same weight 6 x warm up, increased weight 3 x acclimation set, increased weight 1 x acclimation set, increased weight 1 x max (this is not part of MAX-OT, but I like to see what my max bench is here) 6 x heavy 6 x heavy 6 x heavy  INCLINE BARBELL BENCH PRESS  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - - 6 x heavy 6 x heavy 6 x heavy  DIPS  -  -  12 x my body weight 12 x my body weight 12 x my body weight (I need to get a backpack or something so I can do weighted dips) 

A couple things to mention. I deviate slightly from the MAX-OT training so I can test my max bench press right after I warm up, but before I get into the meat of my workout (my max bench went up 10 pounds this week, btw!). You may have also noticed that I don’t put the actual amounts that I lift. The reason is because what I lift is relevant only to me. I’m not interested in getting into a “pissing match” with anyone, that’s not what this site is about. 🙂

You may have heard the myth “if you want to tone, do high reps with light weight”. That’s a bunch of crap. Simply put, high reps with light weights will help build muscular endurance, but it will not stimulate the muscle enough to cause growth. If you have fat covering your muscles, then all the high rep low weight sets in the world will not “tone” those muscles. It’s simple: if you want to tone, go on a fat loss diet and lift heavy. If you want to build muscle, eat a lot of food and lift heavy. 🙂

Well, it sure feels weird not having a workout this morning. I am going to go get the yardwork done and do some things around the house. I managed to make a big dent in the emails that have been piling up all week, but I still have a lot more to get to. Thanks for your patience!

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