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Pushups; The importance of weight training; Rest.

173.2 pounds  & 8% body fat

173.2 pounds & 8% body fat

173 pounds &  13% body fat

173 pounds & 13% body fat

Although it’s not an official part of my training program, I should probably mention on my training page that every morning the first thing I do is 50 pushups. I do it because it helps get my heart pumping and helps wake me up. I’ve been doing this for many months now, but when I first started I could only do 35 pushups. I just increased that amount by 5 every week or two until I could do 50. Give it a try!

I’m up to 173.2 pounds as of today, and still at 8% body fat! When I weighed 173 pounds on my fat-loss phase, I was at 13% body fat. The difference is striking:

Yep, I weigh the same amount in both pictures. It’s important to focus more on body composition (fat vs. lean mass) rather than overall weight. In the first picture I was carrying about 23 pounds of fat (13%), in the second picture I am carrying about 14 pounds of fat (8%). Hopefully these pictures make two things clear:

[1] weight training is very important

[2] I should have never bleached my hair. My god.

Today is my rest day, and I need it: my legs, abs, shoulders, triceps and chest are all very sore. Not only am I not working out, but I don’t even have much yard work to do today, as nothing in the yard really grew much this week. I’ll probably clean up around the house, and I have some stuff to do for work as well. I’m also going to try to get caught up on my email, and maybe watch a movie later. Hope you have a good day, see you tomorrow!