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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 by  
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It’s amazing how this site has grown over the last 8 months. When I first started this part of my web site back in January, there was not a lot of information here. I had before and current “profile” pictures (I didn’t have enough nerve to post front shots until later), and I had my weight loss chart. That’s it. In January the site received 51,078 hits had 2,868 visitors.

Fast-forward to September 2003. I have just about everything I can think of that helped me reach my goals available on this site, and am always adding new stuff as I think of it or as it’s suggested. The amount of traffic the site gets has grown considerably. So far this month the transformation section of my site has received 437,585 hits and 11,005 visitors. So far this year the site has received 2.3 million hits and has had 60,363 total visitors! By the way, I run this whole thing from one of my servers in my home office (it’s a Linux server running Apache, MySql and PHP for those who are interested). Thanks very much to everyone who helped make this site a success. Your visits and emails inspire me to keep updating it and improving it. I couldn’t do it without you!

Time for me to get started on my workout. Today I’m working my abs, and then doing a 23 minute HIIT cardio workout on the stair climber. Have a great day, see you tomorrow.

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