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Second week bulking progress report.

I gained a little more weight and another 1/4″ on my chest this week. My arms are almost at 14.75″, but not quite there yet. I measure arms when they are flexed, but not “pumped”. After I lift weights and I’m “pumped”, my arms are over 1/2″ bigger than my reported measurements. My other measurements have not changed this week. Today I’m going to work my pecs, delts and triceps in the weight room. I’m… [Read more]

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Cheat meal day; Do I need more food?; Personal bests in the weight room.

Even though I have to do some work Saturday and Sunday, I’m glad it’s finally Friday. It’s been a tough couple of weeks at work! Tonight I’ll try to forget all that as I enjoy my usual Friday “cheat” meal of pizza and wine. I may have to up my calories again, as I have not gained any weight this week! You sure can eat a lot of food when you workout and stay away… [Read more]

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More on protein powders.

You may recall my 8/2/2003 Daily News article, in which I compared the tastes of several protein powders. I mentioned that I had not tried the EAS “Simply Whey”, but would on my next order. Well, I got some in (chocolate) and it’s excellent! It’s one of the richest chocolate flavors I’ve tried. I’ve been drinking it for about a week now, and I’d rank it right up there with the Designer Whey chocolate, which… [Read more]

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Work taking its toll.

I’m pretty tired this morning. I’ve been working on some time-critical problems for work this week and have not been getting as much rest as I should. The stress is also taking its toll, leaving me feeling drained. When I feel like this, I go ahead and workout anyway. Working out gives me an energy boost, and I’m always glad that I did it. Don’t use stress and a busy lifestyle as excuses to not… [Read more]

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Work work work…

Things are getting crazy at work again this week. 🙁 I’m going to have to make this short and get right to my workout. Today I’m hitting my biceps and back in the weight room. Have a good day, hopefully I’ll have a little more time to write tomorrow…

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Monday, no time to write.

Another busy Monday ahead, and no time to write this morning. Today I’m working my abs, and then I’ll be doing 23 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stair climber. See you tomorrow!

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More on MAX-OT; Muscle toning myths.

Yesterday was my first day training my pecs, delts and triceps using MAX-OT. I had the best workout of my life! I think the big difference is that I’m no longer pre-exhausting my muscles before I do the really heavy sets. With my old pyramid training routine, by the time I got to the single heavy set, my muscles were already tired from the pre-exhaust. After the one heavy set, then I’d do a set… [Read more]

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First week bulking progress report.

I expected to gain a little weight the first week of my bulking program, but I definitely didn’t expect to gain 6 pounds in one week! I think the reason I progressed so much in just one week is due to a combination of several things: my increased caloric intake, the creatine and my new strength training equipment. I’d say so far my bulking program is going better than expected. Check out these numbers: I’m… [Read more]

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Coming out of the woods at work?; Abs finally recovered; Cheat meal tonight!

I’m still dealing with the problems at work that I mentioned yesterday, but if things go well today I’ll have everything under control and can finally go back to doing things like sleeping and answering email. 😉 My abs have finally recovered, so I’ll be hitting those extra hard today, followed by a 23-minute HIIT cardio workout. The first week of my bulking phase is coming to and end, and I’m very pleased with my… [Read more]

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Issues at work will be taking most of my time the next couple of days.

An emergency at work that I have to deal with will be taking most of my time for the next couple of days. It won’t prevent me from working out – only injury or death could pull that one off – but I’m not going to have time to respond to the email that’s been piling up for the past couple of days. If you emailed me and are waiting for a response, thanks for… [Read more]

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