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Slight diet modification; Ab straps are cool!

I’ve decided to cut out my late night protein shake because I think it’s adding more fat than muscle. I eat a high protein meal for dinner every night, and that food is digesting while I sleep, so whey (which is quickly-absorbed) taken right before I go to bed seems a bit redundant and perhaps counter-productive. I think this will slow the fat-gain to a more acceptable level, and not hinder my bulking phase. I believe that one of the main reasons my cutting phase was so successful is because I was not afraid to experiment and change my program when I wanted to try something new. I’m going to continue in that spirit. I can always change back if I decide that I need to.

I’m pretty excited about my ab workout today because my new hanging abs straps came in yesterday. I gave them a quick try and I can tell that they are going to help my lower ab training a lot! The dipping belt that also arrived yesterday is really cool, too, but I won’t get to use it until Saturday when I work my pecs.

I’m off to do my workout. Today I’m hitting my abs and then doing 23 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stair climber. See ya!