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Excellent gains using MAX-OT; Cheat meal night!

Friday, October 3, 2003 by  
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Yesterday I had another excellent workout. I broke my personal best on squats for the 4th week in a row and, once again, I went up in weight on every exercise that I did. In 4 weeks I’ve managed to add 20 pounds to my maximum squat, 15 pounds to my max bench (hopefully 20 pounds after tomorrow’s workout), and 15-20 pounds to most of my “working” heavy sets (3 sets of 6). At this point I’d say without reservation that MAX-OT is a very effective strength training program. I’m really glad I tried it, I don’t think I’d be making the gains that I am with my old training routine.

It’s already Friday again?! Cool, but where did the week go so fast? Tonight I’ll be having my usual weekly cheat meal of pizza and wine… and no, I never get sick of having the same thing each week – pizza and wine is my favorite “cheat” meal! 🙂

Today I’m working my abs, and then I’ll be doing 23 minutes of HIIT cardio on the stair climber. Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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