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Another excellent workout; Jehovah’s Witnesses; Rest day.

Sunday, October 12, 2003 by  
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Ever since I started bulking and using the MAX-OT strength training program, each workout has been noticeably better than the one before it. Yesterday’s workout was so good that I felt pumped and was in a great mood all day because of it. I also added another 5 pounds to my 1 rep max bench press, which brings me to +20 in just 5 weeks. Additionally, I added another 5 pounds to my working MAX-OT sets for every single exercise that I did! Unfortunately, I had one little snag, though…

Every month at least one of my Saturday morning workouts is interrupted by annoying, pushy, can’t take “no!” for an answer salespeople. These people are not selling products, they are selling their religion. Yep, I’m talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Month after month I tell them (politely) that I’m not interested, and month after month they come back for another round of rejection…

So, yesterday morning I was in the middle of my workout when the doorbell rang. I answered the door because I was expecting a package from the mailman, and there they were. Again. (cue up the “Psycho” stabbing music)

“Ok”, I thought to myself, “this is getting old. I’m tired of being polite to them.” Ignoring my initial impulse to cry havoc and let slip, I stepped on to the front porch and shut the door behind me so that my dogs of war would not do horrible things to them. It was actually kind of comical. I stood in front of them dripping with sweat, wearing nothing but shorts, weightlifting gloves and an annoyed look. Metallica’s “Kill ’em all” was shaking the whole house, and the dogs were barking like crazy and clawing at the door. Both salesmen looked pretty shocked, and maybe just a little scared:

JW: “Uh, good morning, Sir. I hope were are not interrupting your searching” (Huh?!)
Me: “No, I’m not looking for anything, but you’re interrupting my workout. Again.”
JW: “Well, we promise to not take up too much of your time this morning.”
Me: “Yeah, I can pretty well guarantee that. Why do you guys keep coming back every month?”
JW: “If we could just leave some material with you…”
Me: “Sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.” (thanks, Jack)
JW: “Excuse me?”
Me: “I’m not interested.”
JW: “If we could just…”
Me: “Bye. I’d say please don’t come back but I know you will anyway.”

Don’t misunderstand – I have nothing against religion – but I feel that religion and spirituality are personal. As adults, we are all highly capable of deciding for ourselves what is right for us in that regard, and I really resent the way these people operate. If I’ve offended any Jehovah’s Witnesses out there, well, that’s just too bad! You offend me, too, so I guess we’re even now.

Ahem…sorry, had to vent a little. 🙂 Today is my day off. I’ll probably work in the yard and then do some projects around the house. Most of my muscles are killing me, so I’m going to try to give them a nice rest today. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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