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Aches and pains; Nice day to be off.

Sunday, October 19, 2003 by  
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I had a great workout yesterday. I broke my 1 rep max record on bench press, which puts me a +25 pounds since I started bulking 6 weeks ago. Part of the MAX-OT program requires a week off every 8-10 weeks. I’m starting to see why: my body is feeling pretty beat up, with miscellaneous aches and pains popping up especially when I’m lifting. It’s a brutal training program, but it gets results and is safe as long as you warm up properly and get the right amount of rest, which includes that week off every couple months. I’ll probably take a week off at the beginning of November, right in the middle of my bulking program.

It’s another beautiful day, and I’m going to spend it outside with Lisa. See you tomorrow!

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