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I have the flu; Moving my week off to this week.

Monday, October 27, 2003 by  
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As I mentioned last week, part of MAX-OT requires a week off every 8 weeks. I had planned to take next week off, but I’m moving it forward and taking this week off. The reason is because I have the $@#^* flu! I’m really feeling horrible this morning, so I might as well take my week of rest now since my body obviously needs it. I will also be cycling off creatine this week. I will resume normal workouts and creatine usage on Monday November 3, 2003.

I’ll still be updating this page every day and taking my daily photos. It sure is going to be weird not working out for a whole week…

Have a good day, I’m going to go crawl back in bed now. See you tomorrow.

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