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Simple plans for my day off.

Today is my day off, and I’m just going to relax, decorate the Christmas tree and watch movies with Lisa. Hope you have a great day, see you Monday!

Added Sunday, November 30, 2003 by

Anti-inflammatory pills; Thanksgiving photos.

I’m kicking myself this morning. I should have gone to the doctor as soon as I injured my shoulder. These anti-inflammatory pills I’ve been taking the last couple of days are amazing. I’m taking 500 MG of Naproxen two times a day, and now I can hardly even tell that my shoulder is injured. I’ll bet it will heal a lot faster because it is no longer inflamed all the time. I may be able… [Read more]

Added Saturday, November 29, 2003 by

What I ate for Thanksgiving; Bloat; Another great leg workout.

I ate so much food yesterday: turkey, wine, biscuits, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie and whipped cream. It’s been so long since I’ve had any of that stuff. My body must have been like “WTF!!” Of course this morning I’m looking and feeling bloated as hell – I’m holding about 5 pounds of water this morning. It was fun “cheat” meal, but now it’s time to… [Read more]

Added Friday, November 28, 2003 by

Shoulder update (post-doctor); Thanksgiving feast!

Good news from the doctor: nothing really major is wrong with my shoulder. She said there’s probably no way I could have gone 5 weeks without seeing her about it if it was a bad injury, and she also said that I wouldn’t have had any improvement. She told me that even the most mundane shoulder injuries usually take 6-8 weeks to heal, so I’m probably looking at another 2-3 weeks before I can lift… [Read more]

Added Thursday, November 27, 2003 by

Going to doctor this morning; Thanksgiving food plans.

My meals are going to be thrown off today because I have to see the doctor about my shoulder this morning. I’m going to go in a fasted state because I want to have my blood work done as well. I’ll more than make up for the caloric deficit tomorrow, believe me! 🙂 As I mentioned last week, I’m not even going to bother trying to log my Thanksgiving meal tomorrow because I will be… [Read more]

Added Wednesday, November 26, 2003 by

Time to get my abs back!

Even though I’ve ended my bulking phase early, I’m not upset by the unexpected turn of events. Sometimes things happen beyond our control and all we can do is make the best of what we have to work with. Yeah, I would have liked to bulk a little longer, but I’m not going to dwell on it. I did make some good gains, and I’ve got plenty of time to put on more muscle after… [Read more]

Added Tuesday, November 25, 2003 by

Bulking phase over early due to injury; Cutting phase begins.

I’ve decided to end my bulking phase early and start cutting. It’s going to be awhile until I can go heavy for my upper body workouts, so after giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided that this is the best thing to do right now. I’ve updated all the appropriate areas of my site to reflect my new goals. Even though I didn’t get to bulk as long as I would have liked, I… [Read more]

Added Monday, November 24, 2003 by

No shoulder pain this morning!

This morning my shoulder feels great, no pain at all. It’s so strange because just a few days ago it was worse than it’s ever been. Maybe some of the pain was just it healing up? I don’t know, which is why I’m still going to go to the doctor this Wednesday. If it feels this good next weekend, I’m going to start lifting again (unless the doctor says I can’t). Today is my day… [Read more]

Added Sunday, November 23, 2003 by

Upper body workouts; Email backlog.

I’m worried that if I can’t weight train my upper body soon I’m going to lose some of the size I managed to put on the first 2 months of my bulking program. So far I don’t seem to have lost much strength in my upper body, and I have not lost any size at all. Not being able to train my upper body this past month has been very frustrating, but staying focused on… [Read more]

Added Saturday, November 22, 2003 by

Shoulder worse, going to the doctor; Great leg workout; Cheat meal day.

My shoulder hurt yesterday as bad as it ever has, and it hurts pretty bad this morning, too. Talk about frustrating! I thought it was almost better, but I guess not. At this point a trip to the doctor is inevitable, so yesterday I made an appointment with my doctor for next Wednesday. I’ll let everyone know how it goes in next Thursday’s Thanksgiving update. On a brighter note, I had a great lower body… [Read more]

Added Friday, November 21, 2003 by