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Anti-inflammatory pills; Thanksgiving photos.

Saturday, November 29, 2003 by  
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I’m kicking myself this morning. I should have gone to the doctor as soon as I injured my shoulder. These anti-inflammatory pills I’ve been taking the last couple of days are amazing. I’m taking 500 MG of Naproxen two times a day, and now I can hardly even tell that my shoulder is injured. I’ll bet it will heal a lot faster because it is no longer inflamed all the time. I may be able to start my upper body workouts as soon as next weekend! I can’t wait…

I have some boring Thanksgiving photos posted if anyone wants to see them. There are pictures of my wife Lisa, Lisa’s parents, me and our dogs. We’re not doing much of anything, just goofing around, cooking and having fun…

I’m off to do my cardio now, see you tomorrow!

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