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How to lose weight or gain muscle. :wink:

Tuesday, December 9, 2003 by  
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If you are serious about your fatloss and/or weight training program, you owe it to yourself to start tracking your calories and macronutrient balance (if you are not already.) Doing so allows you to really get a feel for the way your body reacts to given amounts of food and different types of food. Once you have been doing it for a while and have a good sense of the way your body works, making dietary adjustments to suit your particular goals is almost mundane. For example, a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start cutting (losing fat). Using my meal planner, I simply adjusted my diet and stuck to it. As expected, the fat started coming off. Of course I’ve been doing this for a while now and knew how my body would react (experience helps), but the only way to gain experience is to jump in there and start! There’s no magic involved – just a few simple concepts that will work for anyone:

  • Get in tune with your body: Plan your meals, track your calories and macronutrient balance. Eat healthy and don’t cheat.
  • Log your workouts. Don’t skip them.
  • Stick with your plan for a few weeks. Carefully note how your body is responding to your meals and workouts. Are you gaining muscle? Gaining fat? Losing fat?
  • After a few weeks, adjust your meals and workouts (if needed); repeat, or stay on course if things are going to plan.

It’s not hard, you just have to be disciplined and willing to put some time into your fitness program. If you are serious about losing weight and/or gaining muscle, it has to become a priority in your life. All things considered it doesn’t take THAT much time, especially considering the benefits. Besides, once you are in tune with how your body works, staying in shape and eating well simply becomes a way a life and is practically automatic.

The key is to get started and stay motivated. You should go to bed thinking about your goals, and wake up excited and ready to take the next step. Before you know it you will reach your goals and all your hard work and dedication will pay off. Half-hearted attempts will only waste your time and sap your willingness to try again. When you decide to do it, don’t bother unless you are ready to go all the way!

It seems that I’m in cheerleader mode this week. I’m not sure why – I never sit down with any particular agenda when I type my daily updates; I generally type whatever comes to mind….

Okay, I need to get started on my workout. I’m off to do my cardio, see you tomorrow….

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