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My first upper body weight workout in 5 weeks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003 by  
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So yesterday morning I walked into my home gym, all ready to do my cardio workout. I was about to get on the stair climber when I glanced over at my dumbbells. The wheels started turning:

“Hmm, my shoulder feels pretty good this morning. Maybe I should give my normal back and bicep workout a shot. It has been five weeks since I’ve lifted… Okay, I’ll just start light and won’t go crazy. I’ll take it slow and see how my shoulder feels…”

Of course the notion that I would go light lasted all the way up until the end of my first few warm up sets, after which I grabbed a pair of heavies and cranked out 3 sets of dumbbell rows at my normal heavy weight. I swear, sometimes I’m too gung-ho for my own good. Anyway, my shoulder felt pretty good while doing the rows. When I finished I looked in the mirror and my arms were all pumped up and my veins looked like they were going to jump out of my body and hurt someone. Man, up until that point I hadn’t felt a good pump in my arms in over a month. It was a seriously happy moment.

After my rows I did a few sets of pull-ups: a little tingle of pain, but nothing major. Not wanting to overdo my first workout, I moved on to my biceps. First I did dumbbell curls. I felt great while doing the warm-up sets, but when I went to my normal heavy weights there was some pain, so I backed off a bit and did 3 sets with medium-heavy weights. After the dumbbell curls, I performed 3 sets of hammer curls, and also had to use lighter dumbbells than normal. After the hammer curls, I did a few sets of chin-ups and called it a workout.

About 30 minutes after my workout, my shoulder was feeling kind of heavy and there was some pain. I was afraid that I may have overdone it, but later in the day it started feeling much better. This morning it feels fine, and my biceps and back are sore as hell! 🙂

I may try doing my normal pecs/delts/triceps workout on Saturday, but I have to be really careful here. I don’t want to set myself back. There’s no question that my shoulder is still in the process of healing.

I need to go get my workout in now. I’m only doing cardio today because my abs are still sore from Monday (I bombed the hell out of them – did a few extra sets). See you tomorrow!

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