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Excellent leg workout yesterday!

Friday, December 12, 2003 by  
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I had another great leg workout yesterday, adding another 5 pounds to my maximum squat and 5 more pounds to all my working sets! I do lunges next-to-last, and I thought I was going to puke when I was doing my last set.

When doing lunges and one-legged calf raises I deviate from the MAX-OT program. I find that moderate weight combined high reps gives me the best results for those two exercises. So when I do lunges and one-legged calf raises, I focus more on increasing the number of reps I can do rather than increasing the amount of weight (although I do increase the weight when I can do 3 sets of 15 or 16). Again, it’s all about finding what works best for YOU. Everyone is different and almost nothing is written in stone when it comes to training.

Time for me to go do my cardio. No abs today because they are still sore from Monday’s workout! I knew I hit them hard, but man…

See you tomorrow!

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