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New pictures up: quads; First elliptical workout report.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 by  
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As I’m frequently reminded by many of you, I’ve never posted any pictures of my quads. Sorry about that. I took a couple last night; 1 and 2. I’ve built a fair amount of muscle over the last few months, and now that I’m cutting it’s starting to show through. I expect my legs will be considerably more cut and vascular when I’m back down to 8% body fat. Also, I have a little loose skin around my knees because my legs were once very fat. Hopefully the skin will shrink in time.

My first cardio workout on the elliptical was really intense! I’m glad I bought it because I think my body had pretty much adapted to the stair stepper after my bike broke down. Yesterday’s workout really reinforced the notion that we should change our cardio exercises around to keep our body from adapting to what we are throwing at it.

Time for me to get going. See you tomorrow!

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