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My blood work/cholesterol test results.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 by  
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I got the test results from my blood work yesterday. Everything is a-ok, and I’m happy with my cholesterol levels. The last time I had it checked was two or three years ago and it was a very unhealthy 238 at that time (I have no idea what the HDL and LDL levels were because I didn’t even know what those were back then). High cholesterol runs in my family, but 238 is not good and I’ll bet my HDL was very low. So, my overall cholesterol was 238 two or three years ago, and it was certainly even higher than that last January because I was much heavier and in poor health overall compared to the last time I had it tested. This year my total cholesterol is 181, my LDL is 106 and my HDL is 57. So my LDL/HDL ratio is 1.86:1, which I am told is quite good. It’d better be: what else can I do?!

Just three more days and I’m off from work for two whole weeks. I know I keep bringing it up – can you tell I’m excited? 🙂

Time for me to go workout. Have a great day!

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