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Delayed start to my vacation.

Saturday, December 20, 2003 by  
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Okay, vacation time at last!? Nope. That would be too easy for me, and no fun at all for the flighty network gods. This morning I have two switches out in the field that have stopped passing traffic. Amazing timing. Oh well – at least I don’t have to go change them out; I have field techs for minor issues like this. I still have to hang around here and wait for them to get changed out, and then I’ll have to jump in and reconfigure them and make sure everything is okay again. I hate my pager. Hate it. HATE IT! *cough* Okay – sorry about that… 😉

Hopefully the issues this morning are an anomaly and not a sign of how the next 2 weeks will go. I’ve got lots to do today to prepare for my mom’s visit so I’m going to get going now. Have a great day!

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