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Slept in; What does home theater have to do with fitness? (nothing!)

Sunday, December 21, 2003 by  
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I slept in for an extra hour this morning and it sure felt good! Now I’m running behind and need to get to the store before it gets too crowded. I tried to go to the store yesterday after my haircut and I couldn’t even find a parking place!

This has nothing to do with fitness or health, but I’m especially happy today because my Christmas present has arrived – a new center speaker and new surround speakers for my home theater. The center speaker is an Axiom VP-150, and the surrounds are Axiom QS8s. Here’s a picture of our home theater with the new center speaker. The speakers look and sound incredible. I’m a huge movie buff, so obviously I’m very pleased!

I’m off to brave the crowds now. Have a great day!

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