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Slept in; What does home theater have to do with fitness? (nothing!)

I slept in for an extra hour this morning and it sure felt good! Now I’m running behind and need to get to the store before it gets too crowded. I tried to go to the store yesterday after my haircut and I couldn’t even find a parking place! This has nothing to do with fitness or health, but I’m especially happy today because my Christmas present has arrived – a new center speaker and… [Read more]

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Delayed start to my vacation.

Okay, vacation time at last!? Nope. That would be too easy for me, and no fun at all for the flighty network gods. This morning I have two switches out in the field that have stopped passing traffic. Amazing timing. Oh well – at least I don’t have to go change them out; I have field techs for minor issues like this. I still have to hang around here and wait for them to get… [Read more]

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Leg development; Weak areas; Obtaining the elusive “V” taper; Injuries.

Genetically speaking, I suppose that my legs are my strong point. Every week I throw more weight at them and every week they come through for me. 🙂 Over the last 3 months I’ve added 60 pounds to my 1-rep max squat, and yesterday I did 3 sets of 6 using the same weight that was my 1 rep max just 10 weeks ago. Even though I’m cutting, I’ve still been able to add more… [Read more]

Added Friday, December 19, 2003 by

Preparing for my vacation.

It’s crunch time at work for the next 2 days as I prepare for my holiday vacation. I’ve got a huge list of things I need to accomplish before Friday afternoon, so I’m going to make this short so I can get cracking – but first I have a leg workout to complete! See you tomorrow…

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My blood work/cholesterol test results.

I got the test results from my blood work yesterday. Everything is a-ok, and I’m happy with my cholesterol levels. The last time I had it checked was two or three years ago and it was a very unhealthy 238 at that time (I have no idea what the HDL and LDL levels were because I didn’t even know what those were back then). High cholesterol runs in my family, but 238 is not good… [Read more]

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New pictures up: quads; First elliptical workout report.

As I’m frequently reminded by many of you, I’ve never posted any pictures of my quads. Sorry about that. I took a couple last night; 1 and 2. I’ve built a fair amount of muscle over the last few months, and now that I’m cutting it’s starting to show through. I expect my legs will be considerably more cut and vascular when I’m back down to 8% body fat. Also, I have a little loose… [Read more]

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New elliptical; Busy week coming up.

My stationary bike gave up the ghost long ago, and now my stair climber is starting to screw up. With Christmas just around the corner, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a cardio machine right now, so yesterday I went ahead and picked up a really cheap elliptical to tide me over for a while. Hopefully it will last at least 6 months to a year. The action is nice and… [Read more]

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First 3 weeks of cutting comparison pictures.

I’ve been cutting for 3 weeks and have lost about 6 pounds of fat (this morning the scale is reading about 2 pounds higher than my real weight because I’m still holding some water from Friday night’s cheat meal.) I’ve probably got another 3-4 weeks to go and then I can start a slow bulk like I did last summer. I won’t add muscle as quickly as I did during my bulking phase, but I… [Read more]

Added Sunday, December 14, 2003 by

Leg soreness; Cutting progress.

My legs are killing me this morning! I’m always considerably more sore two days after a workout compared to the day immediately following. I can’t even tighten my leg muscles; whenever I try they just tremble a little bit and snap back. When I walk or try to sit down it takes forever. I look like a little old man who is suffering from arthritis. I’m very pleased with how my cutting diet is going… [Read more]

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Excellent leg workout yesterday!

I had another great leg workout yesterday, adding another 5 pounds to my maximum squat and 5 more pounds to all my working sets! I do lunges next-to-last, and I thought I was going to puke when I was doing my last set. When doing lunges and one-legged calf raises I deviate from the MAX-OT program. I find that moderate weight combined high reps gives me the best results for those two exercises. So when… [Read more]

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