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Shoulder worse, going to the doctor; Great leg workout; Cheat meal day.

My shoulder hurt yesterday as bad as it ever has, and it hurts pretty bad this morning, too. Talk about frustrating! I thought it was almost better, but I guess not. At this point a trip to the doctor is inevitable, so yesterday I made an appointment with my doctor for next Wednesday. I’ll let everyone know how it goes in next Thursday’s Thanksgiving update. On a brighter note, I had a great lower body… [Read more]

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No time to write this morning.

Sorry, no time to write this morning. I’ve got a tough leg workout to get in, and then a ton of work is waiting for me. Hope your day is a good one, see you tomorrow…

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Getting up earlier.

I’ve been so pushed for time lately that I decided to try something new this week and it’s working out very well so far. I’ve been getting up an hour earlier and going to bed almost an hour earlier. Even though I’m not awake any longer than usual during the day, that extra hour in the morning makes it seem as if I have a lot more time. This shifts all my meals and workouts… [Read more]

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Starting rotator exercises today.

Today I’m going to start doing my rotator cuff strengthening exercises. I’m also going to do some cardio this morning (might as well since I can’t do my normal upper body workout). For the most part my shoulder is still feeling pretty good, but it still hurts off and on… I’m going to get started on my workout now. Like I said yesterday, it’s looking like a crazy week at work and, if today is… [Read more]

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Shoulder feeling much better; Tough week ahead at work.

There is very little pain in my shoulder this morning, so I’m going to start gradually introducing it to small amounts of resistance. Yesterday I started doing my normal 50 pushups again and it felt fine (I do 50 pushups first thing every morning to help wake up and get the blood pumping a little). I’m also going to start the rotator cuff exercises tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to resume my regular upper body… [Read more]

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Nice Sunday.

It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day again today. I’m going to get away from this computer for awhile and go do something fun. Have a great day!

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Shoulder update; Nice cool weather today.

My shoulder is feeling much better, but it still hurts every once in awhile for some reason. Those periods of pain are becoming fewer and farther between, so I think it’s still slowly healing. It’s weird how it goes from feeling almost normal to feeling painful so quickly. My guess is I’m doing something unconsciously that aggravates it. I’m trying to be very cognizant of what I’m doing with it and how I move it,… [Read more]

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Great leg workout; Glutes; Cheat meal night!

I had a fantastic leg workout yesterday. I bested my 1-rep max squat for the 8th time in 9 weeks, and I also went up 5 pounds on all my working sets. I’m “paying” for it this morning – my legs and butt are killing me, but I love it… Let’s talk glutes for a minute. Are you happy with your ass? I’m asking rhetorically – please don’t email me your answer 🙂 All my… [Read more]

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Almost healed; Extending my bulking cycle?; Leg day!

My shoulder is feeling better every day! It no longer hurts unless I put pressure on it by lifting something. I’m hopeful that by this Saturday it will feel normal and, if so, I’m going to give it one extra week from then just to be sure. So, I plan to resume my upper body weight training on November 22. Due to this injury I will probably extend my bulking cycle an extra month (until… [Read more]

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More shoulder improvements; “Pumping Iron” finally on DVD!

Update accidentally deleted. 🙁

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