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End of the year inspiration; Last day of my bulk.

Another incredible year is coming to a close. As I look back on my life to this point, I can honestly say that the past two years have been among my happiest. By the end of 2002 I’d all but forgotten what it felt like to be truly happy. Fitness has given me back something that I thought was gone forever: my youth. Two years ago I felt old and defeated. I knew that I… [Read more]

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Please help.

The massive loss of life in Africa and Asia caused by the recent tsunamis is beyond tragic. Those who survived, many of whom lost loved ones, are suffering beyond measure. There will be terrible hardships ahead for countless numbers of people as they begin the slow, painful process of recovery. Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by this terrible event. If you have the means, please help. You can donate to the… [Read more]

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More on my cutting plans.

Three days to go and I can finally start cutting! I can’t believe how puffy my face has become over the past month. My thighs are tight against my jeans, and my waist is over 34 inches. I’d say I’m right on the edge of 14% body fat right now. I’ll probably be around 215 pounds by Saturday morning, so I’m going to shoot for 20-pound fat loss over the next three months. That should… [Read more]

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Extra cheat meals this week; Rough cutting plans.

Because I’m on vacation this week, and because this is the last week of my bulk AND because I’m not taking any time off between my bulking and cutting cycles I’ve decided to allow myself a little wiggle room on my diet this week. Last night’s pizza sure was good! 🙂 So this coming Saturday, January 1, 2005, I will begin my cutting cycle. I’m going to take it very slow: first I’ll cut down… [Read more]

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Off for a week; Cutting to start on January 1, 2005; Christmas photos.

It feels great to be off this week! I have a lot I need to get done, but I think I’m going to take today to just relax and enjoy myself. I need it. I’m still going to work out, of course! I’m probably going to start cutting on January 1, 2005. Logistically that date makes more sense than waiting for the 6th. I have to make a lot of changes to my site when… [Read more]

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Alien backrub device dominates Christmas photos – see them here.

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! We ate like kings and had a lot of fun. After dinner we ran out of wine. I was the only one who was not drinking, so I was the logical choice to go get more. It was cold, windy and drizzling, but that didn’t stop me from putting the top down on the S2000! I wanted to see how well my new leather jacket and leather gloves protected… [Read more]

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Merry Christmas!

Yesterday’s workout was excellent! If you want the detailed account, it’s in my Picture Gallery and Video Archive thread on the forum (free registration required). I’m going to sign off with my best wishes for a Merry Christmas – enjoy, eat like a pig (you know you deserve it) and be safe!

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Yikes! 212.4 pounds; Christmas Eve plans.

I’m definitely going to weigh more than I ever have in my life by the end of my bulk. This morning I weighed in at 212.4 pounds! I had to adjust my weight chart because it only went up to 210 pounds. The next two days are not exactly going to be light eating days – especially tomorrow! The January 6th, 2005 comparison pictures should be particularly interesting! Like I said a couple of days… [Read more]

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Holiday workout/meal schedule; 43 inch chest goal reached!

With Christmas on Saturday, I’m going to change my workout and meal schedule a bit: today I’ll be doing cardio instead of legs and tonight I’ll be having pizza instead of steak. Tomorrow (Friday) I’m going to do the workout I usually do on Saturday (pecs/delt/triceps) and then have steak for dinner. I’m switching my workouts around because I don’t want to spend several hours working out and eating on Christmas morning. We’re having family… [Read more]

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Ready to start cutting; Extra fat; Early cutting expectations.

I am SO ready to start cutting. At this point the intensity level I’ve maintained for the past four months is becoming more and more difficult to sustain. I’m going to put my head down and go all out for these last two weeks, but I’ll be very glad when January 6th arrives. Not only is my body tired, it’s starting to look a little too fat for my tastes. I’m definitely at 13% body… [Read more]

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