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I’ve been Farked; Daily pictures; New domain name coming soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004 by  
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When I first started this site a little over a year ago, it was nothing more than a way to help keep me motivated as I worked to improve my health and personal appearance. Slowly its popularity began to grow, and more and more people started coming to the site every day. A few weeks ago the site was chugging along nicely, receiving a few hundred thousand hits per day and I would generally receive a manageable 10-20 emails per day from people who needed advice, or just wanted to let me know that my site helped motivate them to lose some weight and add muscle. About a week ago my site started receiving hits from all over the world, and in numbers far greater than I could have anticipated. The site was suddenly receiving hits in the millions per day, and I had to split the load between two servers using two separate providers. I figured the traffic would die off, but it’s only been growing each day. My servers were already having trouble keeping up with the increased load, and then yesterday I was posted on fark.com. For those of you who don’t know what Fark is, it’s a very funny website with a sarcastic edge. They post all kinds of interesting/weird/cool/entertaining news and information, and then the Fark community can comment and dis, er… discuss each item. I actually love the site. It’s massively popular, so from a network-utilization standpoint being featured on Fark is like being force-fed 1,000 gallons of gasoline, while the comments generally serve as a massive flame thrower. Yeah, there are some pretty harsh comments up there, but if you are going to put yourself out there like I have you have to expect that sort of thing and have thick skin about it. My wife and I were cracking up reading most of the comments. A year ago my self-esteem was so low I probably would have moved to a cave after reading some of those comments. Anyway, this site will be moving to a new server and a new domain name as soon as today. You’ll know when I know.

One comment that I hear a lot concerns my daily pictures, and the way I stand in them. I agree, I look silly. I’m tensed up and flexing, and I stand with my arms puffed out. I stand like that not because I think I’m some badass, or because I have massive lats pushing my arms out (obviously). I stand that way so that I can see my lat development, and so I can see my arms better. Keep in mind that the purpose of those daily pictures is so that I can gauge my progress, not to look good (mission accomplished). Look around my site and you’ll see some pictures of me not posing. When I’m walking around I never have my arms sticking out like that, I just look like a normal guy who is in shape.

I have to get started on my workout now, but I’ll be back today with an update on the new domain name when it’s ready. You’ll need to change your bookmarks, but I’ll redirect you from the old site for a few months while people learn about the change. Again, sorry for the slowdowns – I was really caught off-guard!

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