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More on email; A record 2.3 million hits yesterday; How do you want to look?

Friday, January 16, 2004 by  
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I’m not sure what to do about the amount of email I’ve been receiving. I’ve been spending all my free time this week answering emails, and I’m not even making a dent. Yesterday morning I had a little over 200 emails left to answer, I replied to 63 of those yesterday evening – but 87 new ones came in during the day, and a couple dozen more last night while I was sleeping. I thought the emails and the traffic to the site would slow down, but they’ve both been growing rapidly every day for a few weeks now (yesterday the site received a record 2.3 million hits!) I really do like getting emails, and the fact that so many of you have written to tell me that this site has helped inspire you sincerely makes my day. I’m going to be very disappointed if I don’t receive a mountain of success stories in my box later this year! 🙂 Anyway, I promise to answer all of the emails, but I have to reiterate that it may be quite a while before you receive a response. I am answering them in the order in which they were received as quickly as my schedule allows.

Many of the emails I’ve received this week contain some excellent suggestions about growing this site and making it more motivational, useful and easier to navigate. If I can ever get caught up on the emails, I will definitely be making some very cool changes and adding some new features that I think everyone will benefit from and enjoy using.

It’s worth mentioning that just because you may or may not want a body that resembles mine, the principles of what I did to achieve my current body remain the same for everyone, male and female, no matter what your personal goals or ideal body may be. You have to look how you want, and ignore what other people tell you that you should look like. Some people tell me I’m way too bulked up now, and that I should have stopped back in April. Some people tell me that I’m way too skinny now, and that I need to bulk up. Some people tell me that my body is great right now. It’s hilarious. For me, none of the above is true. In my opinion, I was way too skinny after I finished my fat-loss phase (oh, and yes – the bleached hair thing was just plain stupid; it made me look old and unhealthy, and I honestly don’t know what I could have been thinking at the time.) In the summer I started to add a little mass, but I spent so much time in the sun that I began to resemble a dried prune… (and no, I don’t use a tanning bed – I live in Florida and spend a lot of time outside in the summer!)

I’m much happier with how I look right now than I’ve ever been in my life, but I’m still not satisfied. My muscle development is coming along, but I want to be a little bigger. I still have a little lose skin and a little fat around my lower abs that I want to get rid of. I have a slight tan left over from summer and I don’t want to get much darker than I am now, so this summer I’ll be using a lot of sun block. There’s not much I can do about my ugly mug, so that stays. 😉 Again, you may or may not agree with anything I just said, and that’s cool. Ultimately you have to do what’s right for you. The most important thing is that you are healthy, and comfortable with your personal appearance.

I need to get my workout in and get to work. Have a great day – see you this weekend.

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