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Shoulder NOT fully healed; Forum news.

Sunday, January 25, 2004 by  
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I guess my shoulder is still not fully healed. Yesterday I had a great workout, but there was still some pain during and post-workout. The pain was not bad at all, but was enough to make me aware that the shoulder was still recovering. I did go pretty heavy; I used 95% of the weight I used on the last workout of my bulking phase before the injury (I didn’t do any dips yesterday, though! 😉 ) I’m really surprised I was able to lift so much after 3 months with no upper-body workouts and a 2-month cutting cycle. Cool. Anyway, this morning the shoulder feels really good, so that’s reassuring. My pecs and delts are pretty sore, but my triceps and traps are absolutely on fire this morning!

Over on our fourms things are going great! I’ve added a few new forums over the past couple of days, and the quality of the posts have been very high. It’s fantastic to see so many enthusiastic people discussing fitness, good nutrition and health! If you have not already, please consider registering. Registering is fast and free, and you’ll have full access to the entire forum. See you there!

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