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January is almost over and Summer is coming!

The end of January is already upon us. Soon it will be Spring, and before you know it bathing suit season will be here. Hopefully those of you who made New Year commitments to lose weight and get in shape by this Summer are well on your way to reaching your goals. If you want to get in shape but have not yet started your fitness program (or started and quit), then don’t give up because it is not too late! You can still make major changes to your body and health by June, but time is running out; you’ve got to get started right away. If you are ready to be educated and inspired, then you’ll want to head over to our new fitness forums! There you’ll meet people of all experience levels, from rank beginner to health expert. One thing we all have in common, though, is that we’re there to learn, help others and make getting in shape fun and exciting. In the often baffling and contradictory world of physical fitness and nutrition it is difficult to know what to do in order to achieve optimum results. If you feel lost and confused, then do your yourself (and your body!) a favor; register today and feel free to jump right in and introduce yourself or ask a question. Registration is free, fast and easy. See you there!

I’m running a little behind this morning and still have to get my ab and cardio workout in. I’m going to get started now, but I’ll see you all later today on the forum!