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Forums have been open 1 week, great success; New worm spreading quickly.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004 by  
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The new forums have only been up for one week, but they’ve really started to take off! In the first week 736 people became registered members, and almost 2,500 posts were made. The tone of the posts have been extremely helpful and supportive, but not stuffy, melodramatic or preachy. Above all, the quality of information being posted is very high. I’d to thank everyone for making the first week such a success! I hope those of you who have yet to register will do so, and make the forums here at johnstonefitness.com one of your daily sources of motivation and timely fitness & health information.

The new worm that’s been going around has hit very hard. Apparently many of you who have emailed me in the past are infected, because I’m getting lots of infected emails and bounces from people who have me in their address book. Please make sure your computer is not infected (free removal utility and information here.) Also, if you receive an email with this worm attached and it says that it’s from someone at johnstonefitness.com or twowiresthin.com, please understand that it did NOT come from me or any of my machines. This worm, like many other worms, spoofs the return email address to a random address from the infected party’s email address book. I have no control over that, so please don’t email me to tell me I’m infected – I am not! A quick check of the headers will show that the email did not originate from any of my networks.

Okay, time to work out now. Today it’s abs and cardio. I’ve got a busy day ahead, but I’ll see you all later today or tonight on the forums. Have a great day!

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