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Yesterday’s upper body workout/shoulder progress report; New workout pictures.

I had an excellent upper body workout yesterday. For most of my working sets I used about 90% of the weight I was using prior to my injury. I definitely felt some amount of pain in my right shoulder – especially towards the end of the workout – but it was not that bad. Most importantly, it feels good this morning, so I don’t think the workouts are effecting the last stages of it healing…. [Read more]

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Record hits to this web site; Cashing in on my success; Upper body workout!

Sorry if this site has seemed a little slower than normal the past week. It’s been getting so many hits that I had to split the load between 2 servers, using separate bandwidth for each. It’s a good thing I did, because yesterday the site received over a million hits in just one day, and was using about half of a DS3 in bandwidth every second for a good part of the day (a DS3… [Read more]

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Upper body workouts are back on?!

I’m glad the work week is drawing to a close. It’s been one hell of a first week back from vacation. I’m looking forward to my weekly cheat meal tonight – I think I’ve earned it! I worked my upper body twice this past week and, because my shoulder has not fully recovered from the rotator cuff tear, I had mentioned that I was planning to rest it for a week, skipping Saturday’s pec/delt/tricep workout… [Read more]

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Tuesday’s back and bicep workout/shoulder; It’s leg day.

I’m surprised at how quickly my shoulder has recovered from my last two upper body workouts. It was hurting a little yesterday morning after Tuesday’s fairly heavy back and bicep workout, but it’s feeling much better today. On Tuesday I did dumbbell curls, hammer curls, chin-ups, dumbbell rows and pull-ups. I had no problem going heavy when doing the back exercises (dumbbell rows and chin-ups), but I noticed some shoulder pain when performing the curls,… [Read more]

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Thanks for a great day; Back/Bicep workout; 1-year animation of my progress.

Yesterday sure was an exciting day for me. If you missed my one year anniversary update, you can check it out right here. I want to thank everyone for their emails and congratulations, they mean a lot to me. I will answer each and every email eventually, but it’s going to take some time. I’ve never received so many emails in a single day, even if you were to include a typical day’s spam! One… [Read more]

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On this day exactly one year ago I began my fitness program…

It was exactly one year ago today that I lugged my fat, bloated, out-of-shape, hung-over, pasty, broken-down body out of bed and in front of the camera for the first set of my daily transformation pictures. I remember that morning well. Let me tell you, I was shocked when I saw those first two pictures. I suppose that I’d grown accustomed to ignoring my reflection in the mirror and not giving much thought to putting… [Read more]

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Back to work…; Shoulder.

It’s been a fun two weeks off, but today I’ve got to get back to work. All kinds of things that I need to do have been piling up during my absence, so this week is going to be extra busy while I play catch-up. I know many of you have been busy over the holidays, so if you missed my December 31st Daily News Update and are thinking about starting (or have started) a… [Read more]

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My first pec/delt/tricep workout in 10 weeks.

Yesterday after my update I was walking by my weight room and I stopped in to look at my workout log from my last pec/delt/tricep training session. The first thing I noticed on the log was the date: 10/25/2003: 10 weeks ago… I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I found myself really angry about my shoulder injury. Not just annoyed or frustrated, seriously PISSED. I guess the frustration of all these weeks of being… [Read more]

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Holiday fat.

I really enjoyed my vacation and the holidays, but I’m actually glad they are over so I can get back to my normal routine. Even though I was careful not to overdo the junk foods, the few extra cheat meals and snacks did add up. All told, I put on about three or four pounds of fat, and am back up to 10% body fat. Three or four pounds is not all that bad, I… [Read more]

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Last day of my vacation.

It’s the final day of my vacation, so I’m going to make this a quick update and go do something fun (after my workout, of course!) Have a great day!

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