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Friday, February 6, 2004 by  
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Today I’m going to talk a bit about smoking. There are quite a few people out there trying to get in shape who still smoke. As a long-time, hard core smoker (2-3 packs a day for well over a decade), I know how hard it is to quit. When I crushed out my last cigarette a little over 3 years ago, the following months were some of the most difficult of my life. I won’t lie to you, quitting took every ounce of self-control and discipline that I had in me. I stayed strong and, after a while, the cravings became weaker and less frequent. Now I never want a cigarette, and in fact can’t stand to be around anyone who does smoke because I find the smell disgusting. Quitting smoking was probably the single most important thing I have ever done to improve my health. All this eating right and working out wouldn’t mean a thing if I had continued to smoke and developed cancer or emphysema. No one likes to be a slave to anyone or anything, but a slave is what you are if you smoke – think about it.

The reason I am talking about smoking is because my wife, Lisa, has struggled to quit for many years. I’m happy to say that she has been smoke-free for 5 weeks now! I’m really proud of her because I know how hard it is to do what she is doing. I can’t put into words how happy it makes me that she is finally quitting. I know it sounds selfish but,as I’ve said many times before, I can’t imagine life without her. Way to go Lisa, keep it up!

If you are trying to quit smoking, there is at least one support thread going on the forums. Sometimes it helps to know others are going through the same thing you are, so feel free to jump in there and post or just read it if you like. Good luck!

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