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First official sponsor – welcome “All The Whey”!

As you probably noticed, this site has its first official sponsor, All The Whey! I was contacted by All The Whey last week because they wanted to advertise their products on this site. I told them that I did not want to accept ads from just any old company, and that I would only accept their ad if I actually like, use and pay for their products. So, they sent me a few samples of their chocolate whey isolate and chocolate whey blend. I tried them both yesterday and absolutely loved them!

I honestly believe that you will love All The Whey’s products as much as I do, and that’s the reason I am whole-heartily endorsing them. Here are some of the things that impress me most about the company and their products:

Sponsor or not, from now on All The Whey whey protein isolate is the protein powder I’ll be using. Their protein is the same or better quality than any of the major brands I’ve used, I love the taste, it mixes easily and their prices simply can’t be beat. Now I can finally buy whey protein isolate, because All The Whey whey protein isolate costs about what I was paying for my name-brand whey concentrate!

When you place your order, please be sure to mention that you saw their ad on John Stone Fitness!

By the way, just because All The Whey is the whey powder I use and is an official sponsor of this web site, you are of course free to post your unbiased, honest opinions on any and all products you use, including All The Whey.

I’ve got meetings all day, so I’m going to go work my abs, get my cardio done and head to the office. See you tonight on the forums!