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Server almost done; Shoulder update; Friday!

Friday, February 13, 2004 by  
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I got a lot of work done on the new server last night and everything is going very smoothly so far! I’ve installed, tested and configured all the major software packages and it all seems to be running without a hitch. About all I have left to do is swap out the internal IP configurations for the live IPs, tighten up the security, get a backup system in place and then take the server to the co-location facility. I’ll probably take it Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Once it’s there, I’ll come back home, give everything a detailed check, shut down the old forum, move the data to the new forum and run another test. Once I’m satisfied everything is working correctly I’ll make the DNS changes. I know that quite a few the visitors to my site work in the IT field, so many you already know that once the DNS switch is made it will take some time for the old entry to expire from your ISP’s cache (if you are a geek like me and run your own DNS server then you can clear the cache manually). I have the TTL (Time To Live) for both my sites set to one hour, so the delay should not be long if your ISP’s DNS server does the Right Thing. Obviously I can’t leave the forums running on 2 servers at once, but I will have a page up that lets you know you are still hitting the old server and that’s why you can’t access the forums. I may put up direct links to the IPs, but with the short TTL I don’t think it will be necessary. I’m really excited about the new server. It’s going to be so much faster then the old one, plus now the forums will have ample bandwidth and that’s going to make a huge difference in speed.

An update of a completely different kind: my shoulder. Unfortunately it’s still hurting even though I’ve not done any upper body workouts for the past couple of weeks. I’m giving it two more weeks and then it’s back to the doctor. I really hope I don’t have to have surgery, but after all this time I’m starting to get a little worried that it’s still not healed. I’m glad I can still do cardio, abs and leg workouts…

I’m going to get my workout in now and then get my work out of the way so I can finish up the new server! Happy Friday, I’ll see everyone later on the forums!

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