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The new server is done, details…; Happy Valentine’s day!

Saturday, February 14, 2004 by  
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The new server is done and ready to go live! When Lisa gets home later this afternoon I’m going to take it to the co-location facility and bring it up on the new network. Once I get back home, I’ll need to run a few more tests and then, time permitting, I’ll shut down the old forum and move all the current data to the new server. Once the data is in place and I verify everything is working correctly, all that remains is to make the actual DNS changes. Within an hour or so of the DNS changes you should be hitting the new server! In addition to the forums, the IP address for this site and the IP address for my personal web page (www.twowiresthin.com) will be changing, so I’ll make sure you know when you are hitting the new servers by indicating what’s going on with an update to this Daily News item. I’m pretty excited about the new server – the speed difference should be appreciable, particularly at peak hours.

Lisa and I will be spending this Valentine’s evening together enjoying a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine. We’ll probably drop in on the forums a few times tonight to make sure everything is running okay (assuming all goes well and the new server is live). Have a great day, see you on the new server! 🙂

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