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Shoulder update; Injuries.

Today would normally be my back and bicep day, but I’m still on the sidelines thanks to my rotator cuff injury. It’s frustrating when I think of the gains I could have made over the last four months if I had been injury-free, but at the same time I feel fortunate for several reasons: I can still do my lower body workouts, I can still do my ab workouts and I can still do my cardio workouts. Also, I have lost very little (if any) of the upper body mass I gained prior to my injury. I’ve talked with many people who have been through similar injuries, and the general consensus is that only two things will allow the injury to heal completely: time and rest. I probably should not have done those test workouts a few weeks ago. My shoulder was almost healed, and I’m pretty sure those couple of workouts are why it’s been hurting again recently. This time around I’m not doing any upper body workouts until there is zero pain, and I’m going to come back much slower than I did before. Unfortunately my impatience has cost me even more time.

If you are injured, don’t make the same mistakes that I have made – let your injury heal completely before you try to use the injured area(s) again. Also, whatever you do, don’t try to work through the pain; by doing so you stand a very good chance of making the injury even worse.

I hope you have a great day – see you later on the message board!