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More on my shoulder; Why do you workout?

Saturday, February 21, 2004 by  
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It’s amazing how much better my shoulder is feeling this morning compared to just a week ago. I think all the things I’ve been doing to help it heal are starting to work. For the longest time I continued to do pushups every day because I didn’t feel any pain when I was doing them, but earlier this week a few people on the forum set me straight about that and told me that I should stop doing the pushups. After a just a few days sans pushups, I’ve noticed a big difference. I definitely think those people were right on target with their advice. What can I say? Sometimes the desire to improve overshadows common sense. I’m going to try and not let that happen again.

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the Fat Loss forum. Why do you workout and take care of your body? Is it for health reasons? Vanity? A combination of those things, or something else entirely? Come join the discussion!

I’m going to sign off for now, but I’ll be around on the message board today. See you there!

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