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Pushing through pain; Upper body goals.

Thursday, February 26, 2004 by  
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Cool, it’s leg day. I’ve always loved leg day, but now I especially look forward to it because it’s the one day every week that I still get to train with weights (thanks to my shoulder injury). My favorite time of the day on Thursday is right after my leg workout when my legs are shaking and I’m standing in front of the stove making my oatmeal & egg whites while drinking a protein shake and eating a banana. My lower body workout is such a difficult workout that the sense of accomplishment I feel afterwards gives me a huge mental boost that lasts through the entire day. Sometimes when I’m doing my leg workout and I think I can’t take anymore pain, I try to think about how great it feels once I’m done and standing at the stove, knowing I just went past what I thought was my threshold for pain, and past what I thought were my limits. That kind of thinking has brought me through some pretty tough workouts, and has allowed me to make some very nice lower body gains.

On a related note, I’ll be so glad when my shoulder heals… I think about it constantly. When it finally does heal, I’m going to work my ass off on my upper body. My goals are 16″ arms and a 42″ chest. I also want to make some nice gains to my lats and traps, and round out my delts a bit more.

After all this talk about lifting I’m feeling pretty psyched so I’m going to go crank the music up and get started. Have a great day, see you later on the forum!

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