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Shoulder injury making progress!

I’ve noticed a huge difference in how my shoulder feels over the past couple of weeks. I discontinued doing my daily pushups on February 18th, and that seems to have made a world of difference. As many of you already know, I (foolishly) continued to do pushups every day after I injured my shoulder. I continued doing the pushups because they didn’t seem to bother my shoulder (no pain while doing them), but now I’m pretty sure they were preventing the injury from healing completely. As I sit here right now, there is no pain at all in my shoulder! I’ve learned from experience that just because it doesn’t hurt right now doesn’t mean it’s healed completely. In fact, I’m quite sure that it has not yet healed completely. I’m going to wait another full month before I start lifting again, maybe longer if I think I need to. I’m tired of starting back too soon and setting myself back. I’m also going to go to the doctor before I lift again and have an x-ray and MRI done. I’m hopeful that I will be able to resume my upper body workouts in April.

I’m going to go get something to eat now, but I’ll see you all later on the forum.