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Shoulder MRI; I have an inguinal hernia.

Thursday, April 8, 2004 by  
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I went to the doctor yesterday and I definitely have an inguinal hernia. I’ll be meeting with the surgeon hopefully next week to discuss treatment options.

As for my shoulder, we talked about it and decided that I should have an MRI done. I’m still experiencing occasional pain and I just shouldn’t be after this amount of time (it’s been 5 months now…) Luckily they were able to get an appointment and insurance approval right on the spot, so I drove across town had the MRI done yesterday. For those who don’t know what is involved with an MRI procedure, it’s not bad at all. They put me on a table (fully clothed, but all metal objects removed from my person) with my bad shoulder tucked into an attachment on the table. The table is then retracted into an enclosure. I had to hold very still for about 25 minutes as they did the MRI. It was very loud – lots of clicking and banging. You can read all about MRIs here.

Once it was done I asked the MRI tech what he saw. He didn’t say much, so I tried to lead him on and said “I guess they didn’t really show anything, huh?” He said, “Well, I’m not the doctor, but I wouldn’t say that.” He then asked me several times if I was absolutely sure that I had never injured my shoulder before this incident, or ever had an operation on it. Wonderful. I’ll have the results sometime today, but somehow I have a feeling I’m going to need arthroscopic surgery. I hope I’m wrong. I’ll let everyone know on the forum or tomorrow morning what the doctor says.

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