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10.2 miles in 50 minutes!

Yesterday morning I decided to try something I’ve never done before for my cardio workout. I wanted to see how fast and how far I could go on the elliptical without worrying about keeping my heart rate in its “aerobic zone”. My goal was to reach 10 miles in 50 minutes or, in other words, run 5-minute miles for 10 miles in a row. I managed to beat that goal and went 10.2 miles in 50 minutes, averaging 4:54 per mile. My average heart rate was 175, about 91% of my maximum heart rate, 192 BPM. It was quite a challenge, especially at the beginning as tried to find my rhythm. Once I found my pace, though, I fell into a groove just like I used to back when I was a distance swimmer. It hurt, but it also felt cool to push myself as hard as I could. I wouldn’t want to do something like that everyday, but I may try this once a month or so. While I’m happy with yesterday’s performance, the competitive side of me knows I can do even better. 🙂

It’s yard work time. See ya!