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Going to Orthopedic doctor & meeting surgeon for hernia.

Today I have an early morning appointment with my new Orthopedic sports doctor, and am just about to leave the house. Also, later today I’ll be meeting the surgeon who will be performing my hernia operation. It should be an interesting day. I’m hoping to find out from the Orthopedic doctor what kind of treatment I’ll need to get my shoulder back to 100%, and I want to get my hernia operation over with ASAP (I’m shooting for Friday, April 23). I’ll have a complete update tomorrow morning. I just want everyone to know that I’ve never had surgery or any other major health problems, so I’m as sick of writing about these things as you probably are hearing about them. I hope to put all this crap behind me very soon so I can get back to building some muscle!

Have a great day, see you later!