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Biding my time; Waist down to 30 inches; Tough week ahead.

With the hernia and the shoulder injury keeping me in check, I feel like I’m just kind of biding my time until my surgery. On one hand it really sucks, but on the other hand it feels good to know that soon I’ll be back at 100%. The doctor said that I should be able to return to lifting about 6 weeks after the surgery, and by then my shoulder should also be ready to go. My shoulder, by the way, has felt great for the past week. I can’t wait until I can start lifting again, even though I’ll have to use light weights for a while.

My waist is down to an all-time low: 30 inches! That’s 1/2″ I’ve lost off my problem area in the past 3 weeks. I’ve got to hand it to Ab-Solved and Tight. They seem to be working because the smallest my waist has ever been is 30.5″, even last summer when I was a 160 pounds.

This week’s going to be a killer at work, so I may not be around on the forums as much as I’d like to.

I’m off to do my cardio. Have a great day!