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Recovery update; Thanks; Funny hospital story.

Friday, April 30, 2004 by  
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The recovery from my operation seems to be going well. There is still quite a lot of pain, but doubling up on the pain killers (at my doctor’s suggestion) made all the difference. I was able to sleep through the night last night and woke up this morning feeling much better than I did yesterday. When I woke up this morning it had been about 9 hours since my last pain pill and the level of pain was about the same as it was on the first day *with* pain medicine, so there has been some good improvement. If things continue to improve at this rate, today should be the last day I’ll need the Oxycodone.

As for the actual post-op wound, the area is pretty swollen and I’m looking really bloated in general. The cut is clean and there’s been no bleeding or discharge at all.

I want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to email me or post words of encouragement on the message board. Your positive thoughts and kind words mean a great deal to me. This was my first surgery and I’ve always been wary of hospitals. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I would also like to mention that the staff at Health Central (the hospital where I had this done) was incredible. Every single person from the receptionist to the surgeon was a true professional and made me feel very comfortable.

Funny story: when I was in the prep area after getting my IV and all the monitoring devices attached, the alarm on the heart rate monitor kept going off because my resting heart rate is 38-39 BPM and the thing was set to go off when the patient’s heart rate drops below 40 BPM. It was driving them nuts, so they had to come re-configure it so that it would not go off. The nurse couldn’t figure out how to do it and had to call for backup. While they stood around trying to figure out how to change the setting, they kept saying “you’ve got one heck of a strong heart! Do you work out?” 😉

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