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First day with no pain meds went well; Relaxed diet.

Sunday, May 2, 2004 by  
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Yesterday was my first full day without pain medications and it went very well. The pain is really starting to become less of a problem now. I can get up from a chair and turn over in bed with just a little discomfort, and I can walk short distances. It’s still far too painful to flex my abs (even slightly), laugh, cough, or blow my nose. The swelling has gone down quite a lot, and the wound looks good (no redness or bleeding). My left testicle had me a little worried – it is swollen, a little painful and red. I was reading some information the doctor gave me and it mentions that swelling in that area is normal. That’s a relief, to say the least…

I’ve been using my surgery recovery as a convenient opportunity to relax my strict diet a bit. After 16 months, I think I deserve it! I have not gone overboard at all and I’m still eating pretty healthy, but I’ve been enjoying daily servings ice cream, chocolate-covered nuts and/or popcorn. I have not gained any weight so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few extra pounds on me by the time I can do cardio/take pictures again.

Well, I’ve got a tough day of lying on my ass and watching DVDs ahead, so I better get started. See ya!

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