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I can do cardio again!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 by  
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I met with my surgeon yesterday for my 2-week hernia post-op and he said I’m healing up great! He gave me the go-ahead to resume cardio workouts (even HIIT), and to lift up to 40 pounds. I can’t do weight training with such a small amount of weight (40 pound squats? Heh…), and ab work is out for now, but he said I should have the all-clear to resume heavy weight training and ab workouts after I see him again in one month. That’s cool – I’m going to be patient, be thankful I can do my cardio workouts and continue to rest my shoulder. By this time next month I should be back in action 100%!!

I asked him about the swelling around my mid-section and he said it was totally normal and would probably last about 6 weeks. As I said a couple of days ago, I won’t be posting daily pictures again until the swelling is gone, and that may take another 4 weeks. I know many of you are eager for me to resume my daily pictures and I will as soon as the swelling is gone. Until then you’ll have to be patient, just like me. 😉

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