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Adaptation and breaking plateaus.

Saturday, May 15, 2004 by  
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Yesterday I did my first HIIT cardio workout in a couple of weeks and I sure felt it! My heart rate was much higher than normal on my lower intervals, and it took longer than normal to come down after my 90%/100% intervals. I also sweated quite a bit more than I usually do. Additionally, my heart rate was much higher than normal when I did my aerobic-level cardio sessions earlier this week. I’ll probably have especially good fat-loss results over the next couple of weeks because after a two-week layoff I’m shocking my body again. Noting these changes really helps reinforce the notion that our bodies are extremely good at adapting to routine. My body had become very efficient at performing my HIIT and aerobic-level cardio workouts because I do them so often, and always on the elliptical. If you are in a plateau, try switching to another exercise and/or a new cardio routine. You might even want to consider taking a week off if all else fails. Keep your body guessing!

Today I’m doing a 50-minute aerobic-level cardio session and I’ll bet my heart rate will be lower than it was just a few days ago because my body has already begun to adapt to my workouts. Check my food/workout log tomorrow and see!

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