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Umm, yesterday was awesome, too!

Monday, May 24, 2004 by  
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Lisa and I had so much fun on Saturday that we decided to keep the 10-year anniversary party going all weekend. Sunday we went out again all day and I bought a couple new tailored sport coats and blazers, a few pair of tailored dress slacks, a few dress shirts, a couple of very nice silk ties, a bunch of dress socks, a new belt and a great pair of Italian split-toe calfskin leather dress shoes. It’s funny because usually Lisa wants clothes and I want techie type stuff, but this year I got all the clothes and she got a new computer! Anyway, after spending all that money I really needed a drink so we went to Bennigan’s where had my first hamburger and fries in over 12 years! You think hamburgers taste good? Try not having one for over a decade. My god. I washed it down with a couple of Sam Adams beers and it was fantastic. After that we came home and I tried on clothes for a few hours (everything but the suits – they won’t be ready until next Friday). For dinner we had pizza and wine. Yeah, I’d say we lived it up for our 10-year anniversary alright! I’m glad I did an extra 9 miles on the elliptical yesterday morning! Surprisingly I’m just holding about 3-4 pounds of water and don’t look any different (except for the swelling from the operation, which is almost gone now). Today it’s back to business: clean eating and working out. I’m off to do my cardio, have a great day!

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