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Car detailing; Extra cheat meal; Pre-beach cutting cycle.

Sunday, June 20, 2004 by  
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Yesterday Lisa and I each went off to do our own things: she had her hair and nails done, while I went to the auto parts store and loaded up on car care products. 😉 I re-detailed the S2000 yesterday afternoon because the dealership did such a piss-poor job. There are swirl marks on the car because of the dealership’s incompetent detailing staff, and I’m pushing them to correct the problem. The micro-scratches really only show under very bright light, but still…

So at the end of the day we found ourselves tired and hungry. I sure didn’t feel like cooking, it was a nice cool night, the S2000 was polished and begging to go out and, of course, it was Saturday night. My willpower gave in, and before I could say “FATTENING!” we were on our way to Chili’s. 🙂 I had Vodka on the rocks (Grey Goose & Ketel One are my favorites), a big BBQ burger, fries, and couple of Sam Adams (they didn’t have Red Stripe, which is what I really wanted). It was soooo good, and we had a great time. I’m glad we went.

We are going on our beach vacation in July, so from today forward I’m going to be doing a minor cutting cycle. With the exception of my Friday cheat meals, I’ll be eating very carefully and ramping up my cardio a bit. I want to look as tight as I can when I hit the beach.

Cardio and yard work time (assuming the rain doesn’t roll in – it looks like it is going to storm soon). Enjoy the rest of the weekend – see you tomorrow!

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